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Retirement doesn’t have to automatically signal the end of saving money for retirement in the Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Program. Keeping your money in the WDC post-retirement may benefit you more than you realize. Here are some great reasons to stay right here:

  • Potentially lower fees. There’s a good chance the WDC has a lower fee structure in comparison to accounts offered by private sector brokers. That’s because the large number of people currently saving in the WDC allows us to arrange for lower fees and keep more of your money working for you. Review WDC fees here.
  • Dedicated representatives. Get the assistance you need from a salaried WDC Retirement Plan Advisor as you plan for and enjoy retirement. RPAs are available to you as long as you have an account balance in the WDC. This service is provided at no cost.
  • Investment choices. The WDC offers a wide array of investment funds and investment services, including target date funds, online advice, managed account services, and opportunities to invest in other mutual funds via a self-directed window.
  • Flexible payouts. Distributions from the WDC isn’t a one-size-fits all endeavor. Choose a distribution plan that suits your financial needs, including periodic payments and partial withdrawals.
  • Easy account management. Staying in the WDC means you can continue to access the same planning tools and features that you enjoyed while working. Log on to your account here.

Want help understanding your supplemental retirement savings options? Consider scheduling a Retirement Readiness Review with your local RPA. Schedule a meeting here.

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