So, you're going to retire soon — congratulations! Every year approximately 10,000 Wisconsin Retirement System employees join our retiree ranks. But before you make it official, we must ask: Do you have plans to work after retirement? It's important to note that you can work for a non-WRS employer at any time — your WRS benefits administered by the Department of Employee Trust Funds won't change.

However, if you plan to work for a WRS employer, know and follow state laws ahead of time to avoid jeopardizing your benefits. In general, you must have these two things before you can return to WRS-covered employment:

Do your homework ahead of time: Put ETF's informative brochure, Information for Rehired Annuitants (ET-4105) on top of your reading list. Topics covered include:

  • What constitutes a valid termination and break in service
  • How annuity suspensions work
  • What happens when you "re-retire"
  • How part-time elected service affects your benefits
  • Effects on other WRS benefits such as health insurance and life insurance
  • Return-to-work scenarios with questions and answers for additional comprehension and study

For More Information
Informational brochure: Information for Rehired Annuitants
eLearning: Health Benefits in Retirement