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State employees: Have you been saving your sick leave to pay for health insurance after retirement? You’ll need to “follow the rules” in order to have that sick leave turned into credits when you retire. Don’t make a mistake and lose your entire account!

  1.  State Group Health Insurance Coverage: Most members need to have State of Wisconsin Group Health Insurance Program coverage when they leave their jobs with the state. Check with your agency human resources department or the Department of Employee Trust Funds to make sure you have the coverage you need.
  1. Immediate Annuity: Most members need to start their annuities within 30 days of when they leave their job.
  1. Comparable Coverage: After you retire -- and if you will be escrowing your sick leave credits -- you will need to maintain comparable health insurance coverage, or you’ll lose your credits.  
  1. Preserving Sick Leave: Members who leave after working under the Wisconsin Retirement System for 20 years, or who are public officials, have some different rules and can preserve their sick leave until they decide to take their annuity. Check to see if this applies to you.
  1. Are you transferring to another WRS employer and wondering if your sick leave will transfer? Check out this document on sick leave transfers between WRS agencies.

For More Information

Web page: Accumulated Sick Leave Credit Program

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