David Stein

David Stein was recently featured on the State of Wisconsin Investment Board's popular podcast series. As chair of the Board of Trustees, Stein is helping shape the policies that are keeping SWIB well positioned to help the Wisconsin Retirement System meet its commitments to over 650,000 participants. Stein, who was appointed to the Board in 2014 and became chair in 2016, has over three decades of financial experience. In Episode 9 of The SWIB Podcast: Wisconsin Retirement System Insights, Stein talks about the search for and recent appointment of SWIB’s new executive director and chief investment officer, Edwin Denson, as well as how strong governance is keeping SWIB well positioned for the future.

SWIB had several qualified candidates, which put the organization at a competitive advantage when conducting the search, he said. Stein also noted that Denson brings a lot to the table, and he’s the “complete package.” Moreover, Stein said that “having the ability to hire Denson was a real benefit to SWIB because he could hit the ground running.” 

Moving forward, Stein said SWIB is prepared for the future, thanks to a strong staff and a set of benchmarks and guardrails that ensure SWIB produces the best results for the WRS and its members. Stein said he believes having varying backgrounds and experiences represented on the Board is important, including the perspectives of both WRS participants and non-participants.

“Having an effective board is critically important for the success of an organization like SWIB,” Stein said. “Research has shown that there are really two key elements of board composition that determine effectiveness. The first is the skills and expertise of the members, and the second is having adequate stakeholder representation. I think the SWIB board has both of these important elements.”

Want to learn more about David Stein and SWIB’s Board of Trustees? Listen to Episode 9 of The SWIB Podcast. You can find it on iTunes, Google Play, and wherever else you get podcasts.

Visit www.swib.state.wi.us/podcasts for more information and to listen to The SWIB Podcast.


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