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We live in a world full of technology. Faster computers, smart phones, and cars that can drive and park themselves are all part of a world that is becoming more reliant on technology. Like every other industry, the financial sector has been touched by technology. The relationship between data, technology, and human talent is key to the successful incorporation of these trends in active portfolio management. Investment managers are constantly enhancing the technology they use to stay on the cutting edge of an industry that is changing at a rapid pace. The State of Wisconsin Investment Board is no different. But what does this technology look like? And how does it help investment management staff make the right decisions to help the Wisconsin Retirement System meet its goals?

In the latest episode of The SWIB Podcast, hear how SWIB is enhancing technology to support the increasingly complex internal strategies used to add value to the WRS trust funds. You will hear from two SWIB portfolio managers, Nick Stanton, head of multi-asset strategy, and Derek Drummond, funds alpha portfolio manager, about how they use technology and how it helps them work smarter to meet investment goals that keeps the WRS among the only fully funded pension systems in the country.

The SWIB Podcast is where members of the WRS can turn to for timely information about SWIB and its investment strategy. Check it out on a regular basis to learn more about how SWIB positions the WRS for long-term success.

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