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The process to elect several members to two important Wisconsin Retirement System governing boards has begun. Seats for an educational support staff member and three active teachers will be open next spring. Nomination materials are now available for the following three races. If you're interested in running, contact the Department of Employee Trust Funds as soon as possible to ensure you have time to gather at least 25 valid signatures and return the paperwork by October 26. Details are below:

Governing Board

Seat Member

Term Begins

Who May Vote

Term Length

Current Seat Holder(s)

ETF Board

Educational Support Personnel

May 2019

All active WRS educational support personnel

4 years

Leilani Paul

Teachers Retirement Board

(2 seats available)

Active Teacher
(excludes Milwaukee Public School District Teacher)

May 2019

All active teachers (excluding Milwaukee Public School District teachers)

5 years

Brent Grochowski

Allison Pratt

Teachers Retirement Board

Milwaukee Public School District Teacher

March 2019*

Milwaukee Public School District teachers

Winner will serve the remainder of the current five-year term, which expires May 1, 2020.


*After the election is certified.

  • Nomination materials can be downloaded from our website.
  • You may also request materials by sending an email to BoardElections@etf.wi.gov or write to: ETF, Retirement Board Liaison, P.O. Box 7931, Madison, WI 53707-7931. To ensure you receive the correct packet of materials, please specify which election packet you want. ETF is conducting four elections and we want to ensure you receive the correct nomination packet.
  • Completed nomination materials must include signatures from at least 25 qualifying WRS members and be received by ETF by October 26.
  • For information on the WRS governing boards, including current board rosters, board member responsibilities, meeting schedules and agendas, visit our Governing Board webpages.