WRS Governing Boards

Stay current with Wisconsin Retirement System governing board discussions and actions by reviewing meeting agendas and materials. Find them on our Governing Boards page.

ETF Board
The Employee Trust Funds Board is scheduled to meet September 22 and December 8. In addition to sub-committee reports, typical meeting topics include ETF budget and legislative updates; status reports on operations projects, contracts, and legal cases.

Group Insurance Board
The next Group Insurance Board meeting is set for November 16. Typical meeting topics include updates on the It’s Your Choice open enrollment period; contract status reports; and operational updates on topics such as health plan performance statistics, data warehouse dashboards, ombudsperson services, and quarterly audit reports.

Deferred Compensation Board
The Deferred Compensation Board is set to meet September 1 and December 1. Meeting topics vary, but typically include investment performance updates, a review of participant fees, invest committee reports, and various operational updates.

Contact the WRS Governing Boards
Contact the WRS governing boards by sending an email to BoardFeedback@etf.wi.gov or mail correspondence to Board Liaison, P.O. Box 7931, Madison, WI 53707-7931. Correspondence will be unredacted and not edited, unless redaction is necessary pursuant to applicable laws. In addition, your correspondence may be subject to the Wisconsin Public Records Law.

SWIB Board of Trustees

Meetings of the State of Wisconsin Investment Board Trustees through the end of 2022 are schedule for September 13-14, October 18-19, and December 13-14.

2023 SWIB Board of Trustees meeting dates have been scheduled. The Board meets quarterly, in addition to its annual Trustee workshop in October. SWIB’s annual Investment Forum will be held during the June Board meeting. The meetings will be held at SWIB’s new Madison Yards offices, located on the southwest corner of University Avenue and N. Segoe Road in Madison, unless otherwise stated. Agendas and Board materials are posted online in advance at www. swib.state.wi.us.

2023 SWIB Board of Trustees meeting dates are as follows: March 21-22; June 13-14 (including Investment Forum); Sept. 12-13; Oct. 17-18 (Trustee workshop); and Dec. 14-15.