image depicting ETF customer service channels such as call center, website, etc.

The Department of Employee Trust Funds is set to email the 2020 Member Engagement Survey to around 150,000 Wisconsin Retirement System employees and retirees. The short survey collects data to measure members' overall levels of satisfaction and how easy it is for them to complete interactions.

The survey is anonymous, confidential, and no personally identifiable information or protected health information is collected. Please complete the survey as soon as possible, if you receive it.

ETF regularly surveys members to better understand their needs and pain points in order to improve the customer experience (CX) throughout the customer journey. This includes different interactions with physical and digital channels such as the call center, benefits counseling appointments, systems, and the website. 

“We are committed to creating an exceptional customer experience for members and employers,” said Mark Lamkins, Director of Communications. “If your expectations aren’t being met, we want to know about it and fix the problem.”

2019 Survey Findings
Last year’s comprehensive survey collected behavioral data on saving for retirement, among other things. Forty six percent of surveyed members did not make contributions to retirement accounts, other than the Wisconsin Retirement System, during the year. In addition, most surveyed members feel “somewhat confident” they will have enough money to live comfortably in retirement.

Here is a snapshot of other findings:

  • 82% of surveyed members are satisfied or completely satisfied with ETF services; a slight decrease from the previous year.
  • ETF had the highest average customer engagement score among peer public retirement systems for the second year in a row.
  • 69% of surveyed members prefer to receive information via email.
  • Female respondents say they want more benefits information and education.
  • 13 respondents were age 100 or older.

ETF has modernization initiatives and other efforts under way that will continue to improve the customer experience. Recently online retirement appointment scheduling was launched. There is a pilot program for targeted communications for members at onboarding and career milestones such as vesting and minimum retirement age. In the months ahead, ETF will also be partnering with employers to offer new online learning on financial wellness and security.