If retirement is beginning to appear on your horizon, then make this webinar a priority. Hosted by a WRS benefits specialist, Preparing for Your Retirement is high-quality, two-hour webinar designed for WRS members within 10 years of retirement. ETF offers this webinar twice a month, during convenient day and evening hours. Topics covered:

  • How to retire with the WRS – what you need to do to start and carry out this process
  • How employee and employer contributions and investment income affect your retirement account
  • When you can retire
  • WRS annuity payment options
  • Rules for returning to work after retirement
  • WRS death benefits -- what happens to your account when you die
  • Post-retirement health and life insurance options

Important Notes:

  • All Preparing for Your Retirement sessions are conducted online until further notice. Sessions have been scheduled through mid-September. Details and registration links here.
  • In-person sessions of this presentation, originally hosted by WRS employers at locations throughout the state this summer, have been canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.