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If retirement is beginning to appear on your horizon, then put this webinar on your priority list! Hosted by a WRS benefits specialist, Preparing for Your Retirement is high-quality two-hour webinar (including Q&A time at the end) designed for Wisconsin Retirement System members within 10 years of retirement. It’s one of our most popular webinars and we offer it twice a month at convenient day and evening hours.

Here is what a recent webinar participant told us: "I listened to the webinar last night and obtained a ton of information. Thank you SO SO much for the answers I need...I truly appreciate the easy way it was presented...this totally helped in my decision to retire as soon as I can."

Topics covered in each Preparing for Your Retirement webinar:

  • How to retire with the WRS – what you need to do to start and carry out this process
  • How employee and employer contributions and investment income affect your retirement account
  • When you can retire
  • WRS annuity payment options
  • Rules for returning to work after retirement
  • WRS death benefits -- what happens to your account when you die
  • Post-retirement health and life insurance options

For a current list of scheduled webinars and to register, visit the Events page.



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