The Well Wisconsin Program is available to subscribers and spouses enrolled in the State of Wisconsin or Wisconsin Public Employers Group Health Insurance Program. Read more for information on StayWell onsite flu shot clinics, an upcoming diabetes webinar and 2019 Well Wisconsin reminders.

StayWell Onsite Flu Shot Clinics

Employers may host flu shot clinics for their employees and spouses enrolled in the State of Wisconsin or Wisconsin Public Employers Group Health Insurance Program between September 9 – December 20, 2019.

To request a clinic (minimum event size of 20 people) at your location, complete this survey as early as possible and at least 60 days prior to your preferred date(s) to ensure StayWell can accommodate your request. Flu shot clinics may not be held on the same day as a Well Wisconsin onsite health screening event.

Please review the site coordinator guide for further details on what to expect at the flu shot clinics and your responsibilities as a site coordinator.

Further questions may be directed to Katie Storlie, StayWell’s onsite screening and flu shot clinic coordinator.

August Wellness Webinar

In the last 20 years, the number of adults diagnosed with diabetes has more than tripled. What is this chronic disease? How can we prevent it? What do you need to know if you have it? Promote StayWell’s webinar, “Understanding Diabetes” taking place August 14 from 12 – 12:30 p.m. so your employees can learn more.

NEW! Anyone can register and watch the webinar regardless of whether they’re enrolled in the group health insurance program.

Well Wisconsin Reminders

August 2, 2019:  Deadline for employers to request a 2019 Well Wisconsin onsite health screening event. See the site coordinator guide for more information on hosting and requesting an event.

October 11, 2019:   Deadline for employees and benefits enrolled spouses to complete the Well Wisconsin Program (screening, health assessment and well-being activity) to earn their $150 gift card.

October 25, 2019:  Deadline for Well Wisconsin participants who earned their gift card to redeem it (select to have it mailed to their home address or sent to their email as a virtual card) from the StayWell wellness portal.

Incentive Payment Data for Payroll Reporting

ETF will continue to provide employer groups with incentive payment data for incentives issued by StayWell and for health plans that offer additional incentive programs. This data, used for tax reporting purposes, will be distributed to employer groups in August and November.

Helpful reminders regarding the incentive payment data:

  • ETF is providing health vendor (includes health insurance plans and StayWell) issued payment information to comply with Internal Revenue Code § 61 (a)(1), Treas. Reg. 1.61-21(a)(3), which considers incentives to be a fringe benefit of employment to be included in the employees’ gross income.
  • Employee data will contain payment information for incentives issued to the employee and their enrolled family members.
  • Since health vendor issued incentives are considered a fringe benefit, not payment for services provided, incentives are not considered retirement earnings and are not subject to a retirement deduction or employer contribution for WRS.
  • Employers with questions specific to payroll process requirements for health vendor issued incentives should contact a tax advisor for guidance.
  • Employees with questions about the incentive amount reported should contact the health vendor that issued the incentive
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