man sitting on ground, next to his bike, meditating

Well Wisconsin Radio is better than ever in 2022 – and podcasting! Well Wisconsin Radio offers a library of episodes that discuss health and well-being topics with experts from around the State of Wisconsin. Recent episodes include:

  • Setting goals and finding purpose during times of uncertainty with Dr. Christine Whelan.
  • A talk with Dr. Beth Olson about the link between nutrition and the immune system. Talk about some good food for thought!
  • Stress management tips with health coach Alicia Canavera.

Listen to Well Wisconsin Radio podcasts by subscribing via the podcast platform of your choice. You’ll also be notified of new episodes. Or visit the Well Wisconsin Radio webpage to find current and past episodes. Note: you don’t have to be a group health insurance participant to listen to a podcast – anyone can listen in and learn!

Take up these fun Well Wisconsin challenges!

Invitational Team Steps Challenge: Create or join a team and log at least five days of steps in all five weekly rounds. Registration is open from April 13 to May 3; the challenge itself runs from May 4 to June 7 and qualifies as a well-being activity. Log in to register.

Five to Thrive Challenge: Need another reason to eat those fruits and veggies? We know eating them can help us improve our health and feel more energized, but now you can earn credit toward your $150 Well Wisconsin incentive, too. Watch for more information on how to get involved in this challenge, which begins July 11.

Random Acts of Kindness at Work

Take part in monthly activities to promote kindness, self-compassion, and overall well-being with the Random Acts of Kindness at Work Calendar. Check off 21 monthly activities throughout the year – things like sending kind wishes to five people or creating a journal to capture wonderful moments throughout the year. See this ETF page for more information.

Reminder: Participation Deadline is Oct. 14

Earn a Well Wisconsin gift card by completing the below activities by October 14:

  • Health Assessment: When you take the 15-minute health assessment, you'll learn how everyday choices affect your well-being.
  • Health Check: Choose one of five options to get a status on your health.
  • Well-being Activity: Complete one of the well-being activities. You will have the option to choose the activity that most interests you.

Note: The Well Wisconsin Program challenges and wellness incentive are available only to Wisconsin Retirement System employees, retirees and their spouses who participate in the State of Wisconsin and Wisconsin Public Employers Group Health Insurance Programs.