Learn about things you can do today to strengthen your overall health and well-being. Help out a friend or family member by sharing these tips. We’re all in this together!

Today you can…

Tip: Take care of your mental health by visiting with a counselor

Uncertainty can wear you down. ETF and your employer have resources that can help. Even if you’ve never seen a counselor before, think about setting up an appointment today to take care of your mental health. Many health plans and assistance programs are offering remote services. See below for resources.

  • State of Wisconsin Employees: You can have six free visits with a counselor through your Kepro Employee Assistance Program.
    • Go here, use code: SOWI to access online resources
    • Call 1 (833) 539-7285 o schedule an appointment
  • UW Employees: You can have free visits with a counselor through your Employee Assistance Program.
    • Go here to learn about EAP services available to you based on your institution
    • Reach out as advised to schedule an appointment
  • UW Health Employees: UWHC and UWMF staff, physicians, and fellows have access to LifeMatters and its services.
    • Go here to find your LifeMatters password
    • Go here to access LifeMatters
  • School of Medicine and Public Health Employees: SMPH employees and providers can access services through the Employee Assistance Office.
  • Retirees: Your health benefit plan covers counseling services. Check your health plan’s network to find a provider and schedule an appointment.

Tip: Set up access to telehealth before you need care

Not only is telehealth fast and affordable, it’s available to most members of the Group Health Insurance Program without any out of pocket costs. Take 10 minutes today to set up access to telehealth before you need care.

  • Go to the ETF website and find your telehealth option
  • If there’s an app, download it to your device (e.g., phone, tablet)
  • If there’s a website, save it as a favorite
  • Find your insurance card
  • Follow the instructions on your plan’s website or the app to set up an account
  • If you have other people in your family on your health plan who are under age 18, add them to your account because they can use it too
  • If you have other people in your family on your health plan who are over age 18, text them now and tell them to sign up for their own account

Tip: Use mail order delivery for your medications and save money

Got a medication that you take regularly? Have your medications come to you and save money, too. If you’re a member of the State of Wisconsin Group Health Insurance Program, you may be eligible for mail order delivery of your medications, from birth control to statins.

  • Find your Navitus card
  • Go to Serve You Rx to create an account

Tip: Talk about your end-of-life wishes

Talk with your loved ones while you're well about your end-of-life wishes. This will help them to understand your choices, or to make choices for you, if needed.

  • Go to The Conversation Project website and download free resources, such as a new guide for being prepared in the time of COVID-19
  • Think about what is most important to you
  • Schedule a time to talk with your loved ones about your decisions

Tip: Establish a Power of Attorney for Health Care

Talk with your loved ones while you’re well about who should make health care decisions for you, if needed. Then establish a Power of Attorney for Health Care.

  • Go to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services website to download a Power of Attorney for Health Care form
  • Ask the person you would like to designate if they are okay with this responsibility
  • Find two people who are not relatives to witness your form
  • Make a copy of the form, or take a picture with your phone, and share with the person you have designated
  • Make sure your health plan knows you have a designee who can discuss your health benefits and claims