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Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds

ETF administers retirement, insurance and other benefit programs for state and local government employees and retirees of the Wisconsin Retirement System.

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Commit to Your Health and Well-Being

Now is the perfect time to make a commitment to your health and well-being. Join the Well Wisconsin program to improve your health and earn $150. Learn more about the program with this video from StayWell.

Well Wisconsin is available to State Group Health Insurance Program participants.

WDC Quarterly Newsletter

Find handy savings tips and important information regarding updates and features of the Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Program. In the newest edition, read about changes coming to the WDC investment lineup, potential withholding changes for retirees, and learn about an opportunity to test drive My Total Retirement for free!

WRS: Well Designed = Well Funded

The WRS is a hybrid defined benefit plan containing elements of both a 401(k) or defined contribution plan and a defined benefit plan. Our public pension plan is nearly 100% funded due to fiscal discipline, unique plan design and robust governance. Learn more why the WRS is strong for Wisconsin.

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For important news and updates about WRS benefits and services, watch our website, sign up for ETF E-mail Updates on topics of interest, follow us on Twitter, and check out our online educational resources.

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WRS Performance*

As of April 30, 2019

Core: 10.3%
Variable: 17.1%

*Subject to final calculation
figures are gross of fees