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About ETF

Division Summaries

Division of Management Services

Responsible for administering the following programs and services: human resources (staffing, classification, training, affirmative action, employment relations, employee assistance); payroll and leave accounting; facility management; capital budget and inventory; records management; mail and supplies; library, telecommunications, operating and biennial budget, procurement, and contract administration. Develops and implements the ETF's information technology systems, coordinates technological resources and provides technical services to ETF.

Division of Retirement Services

Responsible for developing and implementing retirement and disability policies and services for the members of the retirement system, such as providing benefit estimates and information to members. Calculates and pays retirement and related benefits. Develops & implements the necessary policies, training and support for employers participating in the benefit programs. Collects and reconciles data on all active members of the retirement system and provides benefit account statements to members. Interprets related state and federal legislation and oversees the Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Program.

Division of Trust Finance

Responsible for preparation of financial reports, collection and payment of contributions and insurance premiums, departmental accounting, financial/statistical reporting (GASB/GAAP), actuarial reporting and analysis, benefit taxation ans annuitant payroll. Oversees the ETF's financial management and reporting responsibilities, including implementing and controlling ETF's accounting systems.

Office of Strategic Health Policy

Responsible for policy development and implementation of health, life, and long-term care insurance; accumulated sick leave conversion credit; and employee reimbursement account and commuter benefit programs.

Office of Enterprise Initiatives

Responsible for leading and organizing ETF’s efforts to transform business processes and IT systems in an effort to meet the ETF's online service goals. The Office of Enterprise Initiatives focuses on making ETF a leader among large public employee benefit systems by offering best practice customer services to our members.

Office of Internal Audit

Responsible for planning and performing internal audits, assists ETF in accomplishing its objectives by providing independent and objective analyses of systems, activities and controls, and makes recommendations as a result of those analyses.

Office of Communications

Responsible for internal and external communications; public relations; forms and publications; website administration; educational videos and presentations.

Office of Legal Services

Responsible for legal services, opinions and analysis; responding to inquiries from members, attorneys and others; representing ETF in administrative appeals; draft legislation and administrative rules; and ombudsperson services.

Office of Policy, Privacy & Compliance

Responsible for policy review and development; federal regulation & compliance; HIPAA compliance and the Continuity of Operations (COOP) Plan/Pandemic Plan.