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WRS Retirement Benefits Calculator

Calculate your projected WRS retirement benefits under both the formula and money purchase methods.

Income Tax Withholding Calculator
(Calculator for Monthly Retirement Benefits Only)

Calculate the impact of your income tax withholding election on the annuity payments you receive. This tool also allows you to print your tax withholding election.

Accelerated Payment Cost Calculator

If you will be under age 62 on your WRS retirement date, you can calculate the cost of choosing an Accelerated Payment Option.

WRS Forfeited Service Cost Calculator

Calculate the cost to buy your WRS creditable service previously forfeited by taking a separation benefit.

Variable Excess/Deficiency Calculator

If you have participated in the Variable Fund, update your Variable excess or deficiency balance from your last annual Statement of Benefits and find out how much it would increase or decrease your formula retirement annuity.

Social Security Administration Calculators


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