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Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS)
Variable Excess/Deficiency Update Calculator

This calculator allows you to update your Variable excess or deficiency balance from your last annual Statement of Benefits, if you have not already begun receiving a monthly annuity. To update your excess/deficiency balance, you must enter a projected Core effective interest rate for the year that your last annual statement was dated (or the actual Core interest rate for that year if you already know the official rate). If you still participate in the Variable Fund, you will also need to enter a projected Variable effective interest rate for that year (or the actual Variable rate if you already know the official rate).

This calculator will also compute how much your updated Variable excess/deficiency balance would increase or decrease your monthly formula annuity at your projected retirement age. Note: The Variable excess/deficiency balance is only applicable to formula annuity calculations. If your annuity is higher under the money purchase calculation, your Variable excess or deficiency balance is not applicable because the Variable investment returns are already included in your account balances on which your money purchase annuity is based.

This is not an official update of your Variable account data. That information will be provided on your next annual Statement of Benefits. General information about the effects of Variable participation on your WRS benefits and about canceling Variable participation is available in the brochure How Participation in the Variable Trust Affects Your WRS Benefits.

Note: These calculations are only applicable until you receive a benefit from your WRS account. Once you are receiving a monthly annuity, these Variable excess/deficiency balance update calculations do not apply to your Variable annuity.

The method by which your annual Variable excess/deficiency balance is updated will depend on whether your Variable account balance has been transferred to the Core Fund as a result of your canceling your Variable participation. Choose one of the links below to go to the appropriate calculator:

My Variable contribution balance has been transferred to the Core Fund, continue to calculator.

My Variable contribution balance remains in the Variable Fund, continue to calculator.

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