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Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance is an optional insurance available to state of Wisconsin, University of Wisconsin System and University Hospital and Clinic employees and annuitants. It is also available to a spouse or domestic partner, and to the parents of an employee, annuitant or their spouse/domestic partner. It may be made available to employees of local governments that choose to participate.

By statute, the Group Insurance Board (Board) must offer long-term care policies that meet the Board's guidelines, which include provisions for inflation protection. Approved plans must provide meaningful financial protection from the rising costs of long-term care and must be available for care in non-institutional settings whenever possible, such as assisted living, adult day care and in-home care. The Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF) monitors the plans.

You may apply for coverage at any time. There is no open enrollment period because each application is subject to medical underwriting. Some illnesses or pre-existing conditions may disqualify you from the long-term care policy. However, once your policy is issued, coverage will not be limited or excluded for any preexisting conditions or illnesses.

You pay the full premium for this insurance; there is no employer contribution. Currently state employees can pay automatically through payroll deduction, automatic transfer from personal bank accounts, or direct billing. If you use payroll deduction, it is your responsibility to notify your payroll office of changes in premiums and to authorize a change in withholding. Annuitants and family members can pay through automatic transfer from bank accounts or will be billed directly by the insurer.

The Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI) publishes a free Guide to Long-Term Care (PI-047) to help you evaluate your needs and rights. You may contact OCI at (800) 236-8517 to request a copy.

If you are interested in a long-term care policy, contact the agent listed below.

For questions about new and existing Mutual of Omaha policies, you may contact:

HealthChoice Insurance Solutions - Long Term Care
583 D'Onofrio Drive, Suite 101
Madison, WI 53719

Toll Free: (800) 833-5823
Local Madison: (608) 833-5823


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