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Top Reasons QDRO Forms Are Rejected

The QDRO...

  • doesn't have an original judge’s signature or court stamp. Don't fax a QDRO or submit a copy.
  • contains incorrect Information. ETF must reject a QDRO if it contains incorrect information. We recommend you double-check the accuracy of birth dates, Social Security numbers (SSN), date of divorce, etc.
  • is incomplete. Information for both the participant and the alternate payee must be complete. The Social Security number (with name) may be provided on a separate piece of paper.
  • incorrectly splits the account.
    • The alternate payee may receive a maximum of 50%
    • You may use no more than two decimal places (e.g., 28.25%)
    • The QDRO must list a percentage, not a dollar amount.
    • The QDRO must list a percentage, not a decimal equivalent. For example, do not list 0.5 instead of 50%.
    • Don't request to divide the account for the period between marriage and divorce dates.

  • alters the ET-4926 QDRO-Order to Divide WRS Benefits or ET-4935 QDRO-Foreign Jurisdiction Order to Divide WRS Benefits form.
    • Don't cross off text
    • Don't change the document to file it electronically
    • Altered forms may be rejected

  • is a draft. Don’t submit a draft. It will be rejected without an original signature/stamp.
  • is a legal document that must exactly follow Wisconsin law. To ensure that your QDRO will be accepted, use one of the following ETF forms. Other forms may not meet requirements under Wisconsin law.


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