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Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds

ETF administers retirement, insurance and other benefit programs for state and local government employees and retirees of the Wisconsin Retirement System.

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Your 2015 Statement of Benefits

Watch for your 2015 Statement of Benefits in April. The statement is a summary of your WRS retirement account including year-end balances for the Core Fund and Variable Fund, beneficiary designations, and retirement benefit projections. Learn more with this e-learning presentation. Questions? Please contact your employer or if you’re an inactive WRS member contact ETF. Note: This is a good time to review your financial plans for supplementing your pension and other retirement income.

Sign Up for Itís Your Choice E-alert

With your health and wellness in mind, the Itís Your Choice e-alert connects you with important information about your medical, dental, and prescription drug benefits, optional supplemental coverage, pre-tax savings through Flexible Spending Accounts, the Well Wisconsin incentive, and other helpful resources. Signing up is free, easy and fast – do it today!

EMPOWER Yourself: Save for Retirement

Regardless of your age, financial situation or amount of time in the workforce, the reality is this: The sooner you start saving for retirement, the better. Get started by checking out our EMPOWER resources. You’ll learn about budgeting, “investments 101” for women, simplifying your money, saving money on a lower income, protecting against identify theft and much more. Taking charge of your own retirement is both uplifting and EMPOWERing. Learn why and how today.



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WRS Performance*

Calendar Year 2016
as of 3/31/16

Core: 2.2%
Variable: 0.8%

*Subject to final calculation