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Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds
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Member Education

Video and Web Events

Your Plan Design Options
(For Active State & UW Participants not on Medicare)

Not sure where to start when it comes to selecting a health plan through the State of Wisconsin Group Health Insurance Program? This video will walk you through the first step in the process: choosing a plan design. The video highlights key differences between your plan design options and the case studies below show how different plan designs would impact a participantís budget over three years. The video and resources apply to active state and UW participants not on Medicare.

6 Minutes - 9/25/2017

Case Studies

  • Dave age 27, single, no children
  • Lily married with two young children
  • Anthony married and nearing retirement with no covered dependents
  • Kristin mom with college-age daughter who needs regular out-of-network services


This eLearning provides hypothetical case studies solely as an educational exercise. The health care and prescription drug costs are estimates. This information is not intended as advice but to demonstrate how the plan designs and benefits work in relation to each other. The benefit cost-sharing estimates are accurate as of September 25, 2017. Benefits are subject to change. If you have questions, please contact your employer benefits specialist.