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Governing Boards

Deferred Compensation Board (5 Members)

The Board sets policy, contracts with investment and administrative service providers, and oversees administration of the program. The Board is responsible for establishing criteria and procedures for selecting and evaluating investment options offered by the program. All Board members are appointed by the Governor; there are no statutory requirements for appointments. An advisory Investment Committee, consisting of a subset of Board members, helps review and monitor WDC investment options to ensure that the options are suitable for the WDC. The Investment Committee may make recommendations for consideration by the full Board.

Board Correspondence
Individuals can send correspondence to the Deferred Compensation Board by sending the correspondence by email to, or by U.S. postal mail to Board Liaison, P.O. Box 7931, Madison, WI 53707-7931. To help ensure correspondence is received by the board in time for the next scheduled meeting, please send it in a manner so that it is received by ETF at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to that meeting. All correspondence received by email will receive an auto-reply message confirming receipt of the correspondence by ETF.

The board will receive your correspondence unedited and unredacted. Subject to the Wisconsin Open Meetings Law, any consideration and discussion of the correspondence may occur at the board meeting.

Correspondence received by the board will be posted on the ETF website after it is reviewed for any redaction that might be necessary pursuant to applicable state or federal law. Absent specific, written authorization from the individual, ETF is prohibited from posting HIPAA protected health information on the ETF website. In addition, your correspondence may be subject to the Wisconsin Public Records Law.
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