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Department of Employee Trust Funds
Updated May 16, 2018

Wait Times/Common Questions

Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) members frequently ask, “How long will it take to receive…

…my retirement benefit estimate?
…an appointment with a specialist?
…my benefit payment?

The Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF) is committed to providing timely service to our members. However, due to an increasing demand for services, the times have increased and may vary depending on the time of year.

The following information is updated frequently to keep our members informed about the current wait times for the following services.


The wait time for:

  • retirement estimates is approximately six weeks.

  • a group session appointment:
  • an individual appointment with a Trust Funds Specialist in Madison is approximately six weeks.

Benefit Payments

We appreciate your patience as we work with employers to obtain the information necessary to fulfill your benefit payment requests.

The wait time for:

  • separation benefit payments is approximately 60-90 days* after application is received.
  • death benefit payments is approximately 60-90 days* after application is received.
  • lump sum retirement benefit payments is approximately 60-90 days* after applications are received.
  • monthly annuity payments have no wait times.

    *The time frames listed may be longer based on the number of applications we receive, and the receipt and verification of necessary information from your employer.

If you need a form or brochure, most of these are available on our Forms and Publications page. Another option for ordering forms and brochures is to use our automated self-service telephone system by calling our main line at 608-266-3285 or toll-free at 1-877-533-5020.

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