2017 AB 62 and 2017 SB 136 would allow WRS participants to receive military service credits for any military service (current law requires that the service must have been performed prior to 1974). In addition, this bill would eliminate the current law restriction on receiving military service credit for service that is also used to receive a federal retirement benefit. Finally, the bill would allow for a participant to receive military service credits if that participant leaves WRS covered employment to enter military service and returns – to any WRS covered employment within 180 days of discharge (current law requires the participant to return to the same WRS employer).

Amendment AA1-AB62


2017 AB 62 was introduced by Rep. Hebl and was referred to the Committee on Veterans and Military Affairs. 2017 SB 136 was introduced by Sen. Hansen and referred to the Committee on Transportation and Veteran Affairs.


This bill has not been scheduled for a hearing.


Please contact Tarna Hunter, ETF’s Government Relations Director, if you have any questions.