The Wisconsin Retirement System is financially very strong. In fact, approximately 79% of funds needed to pay WRS benefits are generated from one source: investment earnings. Investing the assets of the WRS is the responsibility of the State of Wisconsin Investment Board .

Update: SWIB Response to COVID-19, by Executive Director/Chief Investment Officer David Villa

Preliminary WRS Investment Performance*

as of March 31, 2020




Core Trust Fund



Variable Trust Fund



* Preliminary returns are estimated returns, subject to final portfolio and benchmark valuations. Figures are gross of fees.

Preliminary Value of WRS Assets Under Management

as of March 31, 2020


Preliminary Value

Core Trust Fund

$94.7 billion

Variable Trust Fund

$6.6 billion


$101.3 billion


The WRS is the 9th largest public pension fund in the U.S. and 25th largest public or private pension fund in the world.