The Wisconsin Retirement System is financially very strong. In fact, approximately 79% of funds needed to pay WRS benefits are generated from one source: investment earnings. Investing the assets of the WRS is the responsibility of the State of Wisconsin Investment Board .

Update: SWIB Response to COVID-19, by Executive Director/Chief Investment Officer David Villa

WRS Investment Performance*

Year-To-Date (YTD)as of June 30, 2020




Core Trust Fund



Variable Trust Fund



*YTD Returns and Benchmarks are subject to final valuation and adjustments that may occur during the calendar year .  Returns are gross of fees.

Year-To-Date Value of WRS Assets Under Management

as of June 30, 2020


Preliminary Value

Core Trust Fund

$104.6 billion

Variable Trust Fund

$7.9 billion


$112.5 billion


The WRS is the 9th largest public pension fund in the U.S. and 25th largest public or private pension fund in the world.