Throughout your career and on into retirement, life events can and will affect your WRS benefits. These include marriage, birth or adoption of a child, divorce, moving to a new home, the loss of a spouse, becoming disabled, being laid off and one of the biggest – stepping into retirement!

Life events present opportunities to make changes and protect your loved ones too. On this page you will find the information and guidance you need to keep your WRS account updated, review and understand your options and stay on top of important deadlines.

Did You Know?

Life changes do not change WRS account beneficiary designations – you do.  It is easy to forget to review your designations when events change your individual circumstances. Make sure your Beneficiary Designation (ET-2320) form or Beneficiary Designation – Alternate (ET-2321) form on file with ETF is current. If you have a Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Program account, make sure your WDC Beneficiary form is updated, too. 

Have an Address Change to Report?

Make sure you receive timely and accurate information about your WRS benefits and update your address right away. Employees -- contact  your employers.  Retirees and other members should see the Change My Address or Change My Bank page for instructions or Contact ETF.