The following resources provide information about taxes that affect your retirement and health benefits. Information includes what types of forms you will receive and general information about how it applies to your benefits. If you need more specific tax information, contact the IRS or your professional tax advisor.

Tax Withholding

Most retirement payments are subject to federal and state taxes. To avoid unexpected tax costs, have ETF withhold the right amount of money from your monthly benefit payment.

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Form 1099-R & Form 1042-S: Distributions

Taxes for disbursements (payments) made from your retirement account. You will receive an income tax statement from ETF for each year that you receive a distribution of funds from your WRS account.

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W-2 Wellness Incentive Taxes

Income received from the StayWell program or the Wellness Incentive from your health plan provider is taxable. You will receive a W-2 statement from ETF if you are covered under the state group health insurance program and you and/or your dependents received a wellness incentive from your health plan provider or from Staywell.

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Form 1095: Proof of Health Insurance

The 1095 form provides documentation of your individual health insurance information. This statement is sent to you annually by your insurance provider.

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