The Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds' boards contract for services related to the Wisconsin Retirement System and other benefits that ETF administers on behalf of over 1,500 state and local government agencies. ETF’s independent purchasing authority resides in Chapter 40 of the Wisconsin State Statutes. This is how ETF purchases actuary services to determine the correct contribution rates for benefit programs like retirement and health insurance.

ETF receives delegated authority from the Wisconsin Department of Administration for Chapter 16 purchases and often purchases from pre-negotiated statewide contracts and amendments (e.g., hardware and tech support).

Requests for proposals (RFPs) and requests for bids (RFBs) that originate with ETF are posted on ETF's ExtraNet along with the resulting contracts and amendments.

This page provides vendors and other businesses who work with ETF information and links to help with tasks involved with the procurement process. Use the button link under each task description to go to a page to complete the task.

New Health Plan Application Information and Resources

The State of Wisconsin Group Health Insurance Program (GHIP) provides uniform health benefits to both state agencies and local government entities. Nearly a dozen health plans participate in the GHIP providing coverage to nearly one-quarter million lives.

This page contains information for health plans interested in joining the GHIP. All health plans must apply to join the program. Here you will find access the application, additional resources, and more information on the application process.

Read More about New Health Plan Application Information and Resources

View ETF Procurements

Vendors and other businesses who work with ETF can find information on this page about procurements, deadlines and resulting contracts.

2020+ Procurements - 2020 and newer listings

Go to ETF's Extranet - Listings prior to 2020 

Use eSupplier to Research Procurements

eSupplier is the system that sends automatic notices to vendors who are registered for a type of good or service. When a procurement is live, a notice is sent from eSupplier that the procurement is ready for vendors to respond.

Go to eSupplier

Register to Receive Notices from eSupplier

The linked “State of Wisconsin eSupplier” document gives directions to register for the eSupplier bidder portal. You must have a Wisconsin Web Access Management System (WAMS) ID to sign in to eSupplier. This document also gives instructions to create a WAMS ID.

State of Wisconsin eSupplier

See Contracts on VendorNet

VendorNet is the site where statewide contracts are posted. Many of the contracts ETF uses are on VendorNet but are not on ETF's extranet. Only contracts related to RFBs and RFPs that ETF led are posted on ETF's extranet.

Go to VendorNet

See Governing Boards' Decisions

Go to the Governing Boards page to see board materials and decisions a board recently made that impact the contract or procurement cycle (renewals, amendments, etc.).

Governing Boards

Use the On-line Network for Health Plans

The On-line Network for Health Plans (ONHP) is an interactive internet application health plans can use to retrieve data and keep information current.

Reset Password

Provides health plans with the ability to reset their own logon password.

Reset Password

Email Contact Information Update

Provides health plans a secure view of current contact information and the ability to update information to ensure proper administration of ETF benefit programs.

Email Contact Info Update

myETF Benefits Administrator

Provides health plans with a secure view of demographic and health insurance enrollment information.

myETF Benefits 


Report a Data Breach or Suspected Data Breach or Disclosure

Use the following form to report any possible or confirmed breaches of protected health information (PHI) or personally identifiable information (PII). Even if full details are not yet available, the vendor must report any and all known information to ETF within one day of being made aware of a possible breach. Use additional copies of this form to provide additional details as they become known. Reports should be e-mailed to: and

Vendor Privacy & Security Incident Report (ET-8945)