The WRS is administered by the Department of Employee Trust Funds and provides retirement, disability and death benefits, various insurance programs and a deferred compensation program to employees of the state of Wisconsin, school districts and participating local governments. All state agencies, including the University of Wisconsin System and the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics, participate in the WRS. Many local units of the Wisconsin government currently participate in the WRS, with new employers joining each year. This means that about 90% of public employees in Wisconsin are covered by the WRS. Participation in the WRS is open to any public employer [Wis. Stat. § 40.02 (28)]. Learn about WRS Eligibility Criteria in Chapter 3 of the Wisconsin Retirement System Administration Manual (ET-1127).

Learn how the WRS pension plan works in a general overview. Along with this page are links to planning, applying, and living in retirement. These pages help members understand and use this benefit to their best advantage.

The WRS Retirement Benefit

ETF Web Applications for Employers

Use these applications to perform tasks for the administration of Wisconsin Retirement System retirement benefits.

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Employers: WRS Contribution Rates

This page provides resources for employers regarding employer and employee contribution rates.

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WRS Administration Manual

The Wisconsin Retirement System Administration Manual (ET-1127) is a reference source intended to help you administer and participate in the WRS. Its contents are based on state statute and administrative code, and contain guidelines and instructions for WRS employers. Wisconsin statutes, administrative code and case law are reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Consult this manual as an initial resource for WRS-related questions or concerns. For more information contact the Employer Communication Center at 1-877-533-5020, or email

Annual Reporting & Reconciliation

Resources for the annual reconciliation process including instructions and the application for administration.

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Financial Information

Employers go to this page to stay up to date with payment deadlines, receive guidance in accounting and financial matters, and find information for social security.

Employers:  Financial Information

Military Service

Military service is reported differently from creditable service.  See chapter 22 of the WRS Administration Manual for more information about Military Service. Use the related resources to administer and report military service credit.

USERRA Reporting

2023 Wisconsin Act 4 for County Employers

This page is a resource for county employers to learn about the implementation of 2023 Wisconsin Act 4 (Jailer Law). As the project continues, this page will be updated with more resources.

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WRS Employer Forms

Use the forms on this page for the administration of the WRS Retirement Benefit. The page includes a searchable table to find forms quickly.

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