The Statement of Benefits is a summary of your WRS retirement account available each year in April. It helps you keep information up to date and track the growth of your retirement fund. We recommend filing your statement for future reference. 

In the near future, we plan to offer members convenient and secure online access to their benefits information. Stay tuned.

Members who have a WRS account receive their annual statement in a variety of ways, including:
  • Current employees will receive their statement from their WRS employer.
  • UW employees will receive their statements electronically through the UW System.
  • The following will receive their statements in the mail:
    • Former employees who no longer work for a WRS employer.
    • Alternate payees (members who received an account from a divorce).
    • Retirees who have not taken a benefit from their additional contributions .
    • Central Payroll employees and about 800 individuals who work for the UW system.

Look over the statement and make sure that your information is correct:  contact information, earnings, years of creditable service , employee contributions and beneficiary designations.

If you find incorrect information on your statement, contact your employer or ETF right away. There is a limited time to make corrections.

  • Current employees should contact their employer.
  • All other members should contact ETF.
    • To change your address, complete an Address/Name Change (ET-2815) form. You may send it in a secure email or contact ETF.

See our How to Read Your Statement of Benefits - Active Employee page or How to Read Your Statement of Benefits - Alternate Payee page for more information. 

If you did not receive a Statement of Benefits, the following may apply:
  • If you took a benefit in the last year, you will not receive a Statement of Benefits for the partial year of earnings and service.
  • You must update your address with ETF before mid-March.
Request a copy of Your Statement of Benefits: