(Updated January 15, 2020)

We are looking for heirs of people who have passed away with money available from their life insurance policy.  

If you believe you may have a right to this money, write to Securian Financial Group at:

Securian Financial Group
Madison Branch Office
2920 Marketplace Drive Ste 201
Madison, WI 53719

Your letter should include:
  • Participant's complete name (including published names and former names(s)).
  • Date of birth.
  • Social Security number.
  • Year the name was published.

We publish this list in January of each year in the newspaper and on our website. Please see the beneficiary information on the Life insurance page to see if you can claim this money.

Abandoned Life Insurance Claims List

See the list below for names and associated application deadlines. Type a person's last name in the keyword search to find a name quickly.

Name Application Deadline
Cobb, James D January 15, 2030
Grummons, Benjamin B January 13, 2022
Lund, Elna  January 16, 2027
Pitman, Donald W January 14, 2021
Sanford, Lula  January 16, 2027
Simiele, Robert M January 16, 2029
Thomas, Virgina Y January 12, 2028
Tobar, Jennie  January 15, 2020
Voiku, Daniel J January 16, 2029
Wirth, Mary H January 16, 2027


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