Did you recently have a change in marital status, have a baby, an eligible move to a new county or another life change event? You may have the opportunity to enroll (employees only) or change your coverage (employees and retirees) outside of the open enrollment period . There are various rules related to life change events.

*You may be able to change coverage outside of the IYC period if the following apply. (If you are a retiree , a state employee who has opted out of premium conversion under Section 125, or are a local employee who does not have their health insurance premium contribution deducted pre-tax under a federal Section 125 plan --you may change from family to single coverage at any time.)

For more detail see Frequently Asked Questions online. Employees may also contact your payroll/benefit office.  Annuitants and continuants may contact ETF.

Once you've reviewed if you are eligible to make a change, submit a paper application, or for some employees, submit online with your employer.

Life Events

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