All 2023 Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA), Limited Purpose FSA, Dependent Day Care Account, Parking Account, and Transit Account claims are due by March 31, 2024.

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Pre-Tax Savings Accounts

After the March 31 deadline, you can no longer submit 2023 claims for reimbursement.

Any 2023 pending claims filed with Optum Financial that require documentation or receipts must also be resolved by March 31, 2024.

You can submit your 2023 claim reimbursement requests through the Optum Financial mobile app or online account here.

2023 FSA Unsubstantiated Claims

Health Care FSA and Limited Purpose FSA claims that remain unsubstantiated or unresolved from the 2023 plan year will be subject to a plan correction process with your employer for payroll withholding.

Your employer may withhold the amount due from your payroll as a correction measure during the 2023 runout period, between February 2024 and March 2024.

Payment Card Usage

The payment card should only be used in the current plan year to pay for current year eligible expenses.

If you use your payment card in 2024 to pay for a 2023 expense, please call Optum Financial to request the claim be transferred to 2023 before the deadline, March 31, 2024.

For questions related to your claims or account, you can call Optum Financial customer service at 833-881-8158.