Sep 1, 2020 9:00am Newsletter Retiree

WRS News for Retirees September 2020

In this issue: Stay Safe, Be Well and Keep Informed About Your WRS Benefits; SWIB Response to COVID-19; Living Our Values; How Will Market Performance Affect My Pension?; WDC News; What to do if Victim of ID Theft/Benefit Loss; Reminder: Do Not Use Old Telephone Number; Conditional Variable Cancellation Explained; Health Insurance Update; Get a Flu Shot, Not the Flu; SWIB Launches Podcast Series; Podcast Highlights: A Conversation with David Villa About Investment Strategy During Pandemic; SWIB Part of Global Peer Financing Association; Villa Named to Institutional Investor Allocator Voices; SWIB Report Available.

Aug 31, 2022 2:00pm Newsletter Retiree

WRS News for Retirees September 2022

Projections for Core Annuity Adjustments; Nominations Sought in Board Elections; WEA Trust to Exit Health Insurance Program; SWIB Real Estate Portfolio; DeAngelis Appointed to Board of Trustees; and much more.

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