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Jun 27, 2019 5:00pm

WRS Contribution Rates to Increase Slightly in 2020

Required contribution rates for Wisconsin Retirement System employers and employees will increase slightly in 2020. The Employee Trust Funds Board approved the rate changes June 20, following an annual report by the retirement system’s consulting actuary.

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Sick Leave Escrow Application

Apply to escrow your sick leave credits, if eligible. To escrow means to preserve or bank your sick leave credits for use at a later date.

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Hill Farms 1st Meeting Rooms-Map Only

A map of the first floor of the Hill Farms building labeled with room numbers and an arrow to the main entrance lobby.

WRS News Online for Employees
Jan 23, 2019 5:00pm Jan 2019 Edition
Know Your Benefits

Know Your Benefits: Am I Eligible for the Sick Leave Program?

An important benefit the state provides its employees is the sick leave benefit. Each pay period, employees receive sick time. If they don’t use the sick time, the time is saved and converted to credits to pay for health insurance upon retirement. The sick leave credit program is run by the Department of Employee Trust Funds.