The following forms are the top requested forms and publications by members.

  1. Calculating Your Retirement Benefits (ET-4107):  Retirement benefit calculation methods, annuity payment options, normal retirement age information and more.
  2. Beneficiary Designation (ET-2320) or Beneficiary Designation Alternate (ET-2321):  If you are the owner of a WRS account from which a WRS death benefit or life insurance benefit would be payable upon your death, you may file a beneficiary designation. If you wish to specify who shall receive a primary beneficiary’s share of a death or life insurance benefit if a primary beneficiary is deceased, you must use this alternate beneficiary designation form.
  3. Retirement Estimate Request (ET-4207):  Complete this form to request a retirement estimate once you are within 12 months of your anticipated termination date.
  4. Information for Rehired Annuitant (ET-4105):  Some annuitants pursue employment after retirement. Due to legislative changes, the rules regarding returning to work for a WRS employer differ, depending upon your WRS-termination date.
  5. Choosing an Annuity Option (ET-4117):  An annuity is a series of monthly payments payable during the life of the annuitant or during a specific period. There are different types of annuities available called annuity options.
  6. Direct Deposit Authorization (ET-7282):  Authorize ETF and the financial institution you name to deposit funds such as annuity payments directly into your bank account.
  7. Information for Retirees (ET-4116):  This brochure includes information for retirees about who may access your WRS account, payments, taxes and more.
  8. Your Benefit Handbook (ET-2119):  This handbook provides general information about benefit plans administered by ETF and does not contain complete information for all benefits. Use this handbook as an overview and contact your employer’s benefits office for specific information applicable to you.
  9. Group Health Insurance Application/Change (ET-2301) or Group Health Insurance Application/Change for Retirees & COBRA Continuants (ET-2331):  Enroll in health insurance or change your coverage.
  10. Benefit Information Request (ET-7301):  Use this form to request a benefit application, estimate or other information from ETF.
  11. WRS Guide to Retirement (ET-4133):  This brochure can help you complete a retirement application. It also covers general topics and provides answers to questions frequently asked by members that met with a benefits specialist in person.
  12. Income Continuation Insurance – State (ET-2106) or Income Continuation Insurance – Local (ET-2129):  The income continuation insurance ICI benefit is a voluntary “income replacement” benefit payable if you become disabled.
  13. Sick Leave Conversion Credit Program (ET-4132):  Sick leave is an important fringe benefit available to State of Wisconsin employees.
  14. Substitute W-4P Tax Withholding Certificate for Pension or Annuity Payments (ET-4310):  If you want to change federal or state income tax withholding, you must submit this form to ETF.
  15. IRS Benefits and Compensation Limits (ET-8873):  Provisions and IRC citations for IRS benefits and compensation limits for the current and past three years.
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