Get vaccinated for free at any in-network pharmacy, using your pharmacy benefit.

  • How much does it cost? $0, it’s free!
  • Which vaccines are available? Influenza, Pneumonia, Tetanus, Hepatitis, Shingles, Measles, Mumps, Human Papillomavirus (HPV), Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), Pertussis, Varicella, Meningitis
  • COVID-19 vaccines are covered by medical benefits for all members and by pharmacy benefits for non-Medicare members.

Why Get Vaccinated at the Pharmacy?

Medicare Members

Save money and skip the paperwork by getting vaccinated at the pharmacy. When you receive a vaccination at the pharmacy, you won't pay anything out-of-pocket and there is no reimbursement paperwork to fill out.

When you receive a vaccination at your doctor's office, you'll have the pay the full cost of the vaccination out-of-pocket. To be reimbursed, you'll need to submit paperwork to Navitus. Navitus will reimburse the cost of the vaccine but will not reimburse administration fees charged by your doctor's office.

Employees and Retirees without Medicare

Consider getting vaccinated at the pharmacy if it's more convenient. You can get vaccinated at either the doctor's office or the pharmacy at no cost.

Getting Vaccinated at the Pharmacy

If you are considering getting your vaccine/immunization from the pharmacy, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Contact the pharmacy ahead of time. Not all pharmacies are able to administer all vaccines/immunizations, for various reasons. Call ahead to:
    • Make sure they have the vaccine/immunization in stock.
    • Find out if they require an appointment.
    • Determine if the pharmacy is authorized to give vaccines/immunizations to kids.
  2. Use an in-network pharmacy.
    • While most pharmacies participate in the Navitus network and can administer vaccines/immunizations, not all of them do.
    • A claim for a vaccine/immunization will be rejected if you use an out-of-network pharmacy and you will have to pay the full cost. If the pharmacy you prefer to use for your vaccine/immunization is not in the Navitus network (e.g. CVS), contact your health plan to see if they will cover your claim through the pharmacy under the medical benefit.
  3. Bring your Navitus ID card and give it to the pharmacist. This will ensure your claim gets processed correctly.