3 min
Is this an emergency?
If you are seeking advice for an urgent or emergent medical event, contact your health plan or medical provider. If you are looking for in-network providers or an emergency room, contact your health plan

For Group Health Insurance members.

Have you ever needed medical care and didn’t know where to turn? This video will walk you through your different care options: telemedicine, the nurse line, your doctor’s office, urgent care, and the emergency room. We’ll discuss which makes the most sense depending on your situation and the advantages of each, including which is easiest on the wallet.

After you’ve watched the video, print out and complete the handouts so that you and your family are prepared when you need care fast.

Member Survey Results 

In the summer of 2020, ETF surveyed participants in the State of Wisconsin Group Health Insurance Program about where they look to first when they or a family member unexpectedly need medical care. Key findings from the survey include:

  • Members with dependent children are most likely to use the emergency room and urgent care.
  • Members feel pretty confident in their knowledge of when to use the emergency room and urgent care.
    • However, actual data on their emergency room use show that a high percentage of emergency room visits are potentially avoidable and may be better treated elsewhere.
  • While nurse lines and telehealth are great options for connecting with medical professionals quickly, a low percentage of members would consider using these forms of care when they need medical care fast. Even fewer members have telehealth accounts created.
  • Most members have a primary care provider and get routine physicals. However, fewer are aware that they can make a same day appointment with their doctor’s office.

The data shows that State of Wisconsin Group Health Insurance members can use convenient information about the best options to get medical care. These options include nurse lines, telehealth, same day doctor’s visits, urgent care, and the emergency room.