As a Wisconsin group health insurance program participant, you may be eligible to enroll in the It’s Your Choice (IYC) Medicare Advantage plan provided by UnitedHealthcare®.  The IYC Medicare Advantage plan is a UnitedHealthcare® Group Medicare Advantage (PPO) plan, which means you have lots of flexibility in choosing a provider. The UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage service area includes the 50 United States, the District of Columbia, and all U.S. territories. 

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What’s Included for 2024

The IYC Medicare Advantage plan continues to offer comprehensive coverage for hospital and medical services (Uniform Benefits), pharmacy benefits (by Navitus Health Solutions), as well as additional benefits, programs, and services. Examples are:

Your care begins with your doctor

This plan is a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan and as a member, you have access to nationwide coverage. You can see any provider (in-network or out-of-network) at the same cost share, as long as they are willing to treat you and bill UnitedHealthcare and have not opted out of or been excluded from Medicare.

Renew Active Fitness Program

Renew Active® is a Medicare fitness program for body and mind - available with your UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage plan, at no additional cost.

  • Stay fit with a free gym membership at a fitness location you select from Renew Active’s nationwide network—the largest of all Medicare fitness programs, including many premium gyms. If you prefer to exercise at home, you can view thousands of on-demand workout videos and live streaming fitness classes.
  • Stay connected socially through local health and wellness classes and events. Also, connect socially by joining the online Fitbit® Community for Renew Active. No Fitbit device is needed.
  • Stay focused on brain health with AARP® Staying Sharp®, an online brain health program including exclusive content for Renew Active members.

Participation in the Renew Active® program is voluntary. Consult your doctor prior to beginning an exercise program or making changes to your lifestyle or health care routine. Renew Active includes standard fitness membership. Fitness membership equipment, classes, personalized fitness plans, caregiver access and events may vary by location. Certain services, discounts, classes, events, and online fitness offerings are provided by affiliates of UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company or other third parties not affiliated with UnitedHealthcare. Participation in these third-party services are subject to your acceptance of their respective terms and policies. AARP Staying Sharp is the registered trademark of AARP. UnitedHealthcare is not responsible for the services or information provided by third parties. The information provided through these services is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for the advice of a doctor.

The Renew Active program varies by plan/area. Access to gym and fitness location network may vary by location and plan. Renew Active premium gym and fitness location network only available with certain plans.

Enjoy a preventive care visit in the privacy of your own home

With UnitedHealthcare® HouseCalls, we’ll give you a call to see if you’d like to receive a yearly in-home visit from one of our healthcare practitioners at no extra cost. A HouseCalls visit is optional and designed to support, but not take the place of, your regular doctor’s care.

UnitedHealthcare Healthy at Home

After an inpatient admission or a stay at a skilled nursing facility, we provide you support that goes beyond traditional medical care. UnitedHealthcare’s Healthy at Home provides the support you need to successfully recover at home, at no additional cost. The program includes:

  • Post-Discharge Meal Delivery provides up to 28 meals following all inpatient or skilled nursing facility discharges when referred by a UnitedHealthcare advocate
  • Post-Discharge Transportation includes up to 12 one-way rides to and from medically related appointments and to the pharmacy following all inpatient or skilled nursing facility discharges
  • In-home Personal Care provides up to six hours of in-home care following all inpatient and skilled nursing facility discharges exclusively available to UnitedHealthcare Group Medicare Advantage members. You will receive assistance with Activities of Daily Living such as meal preparation, medication reminders, bathing, respite care, and more.

Rally Coach Program

You have access to three unique programs that provide online and telephonic coaching support designed to support your health and wellness goals

  • Real Appeal® is a simple, step-by-step online program that helps make losing weight fun. The program offers tools that may help you lose weight, reduce your risk of developing serious health conditions, gain energy, and achieve your long-term health goals, at no additional cost to members with a body mass index (BMI) of 19 or higher.
  • When you enroll in Real Appeal, you receive:
    • A Transformation Coach who leads weekly online group sessions
    • Online tools to help you track your food, activity, and weight-loss progress
    • A Success Kit with food and weight scales, recipes, workout DVDs, and more — shipped directly to your door
  • Rally Wellness Coaching provides personal coaching, online learning, and support for a variety of topics that promote whole-person health. Wellness Coaching offers a comprehensive solution to address your physical, mental, social, and emotional needs. Wellness Coaching includes the option to select a program topic of interest, work with a coach, set an action plan, and engage with online learning modules and digital tools at your own pace.
    • With the Quit For Life® Tobacco Cessation Program, you will have 24/7 access to tools and resources to help you quit all types of tobacco use

Chronic Conditions Programs

UnitedHealthcare has special programs designed to support members living with chronic conditions like diabetes or heart disease.

Online Access

Look up your latest claim information, review benefit information, learn more about health and wellness topics, and sign up for healthy challenges based on your interests and goals.

Provider Directory

To view lists of available Medicare providers, see Find a Provider.  This directory is updated regularly to provide you with the current listing of network providers. If you would like help finding a network doctor or to request a written copy of the Provider Directory, call 1-844-876-6175, TTY 711, 7 a.m. – 6 p.m. CT, Monday - Friday.

Referrals, Authorizations, Out-of-Network

If you need specialty care, no referral is required. Members have access to our national network of providers and the flexibility to see any provider (in-network or out-of-network) at the same cost share, as long as they accept the plan and have not opted out of Medicare.

Emergency and Urgent Care

If you require emergency or urgent care, seek care at the nearest medical facility.

You can also receive emergency or urgently needed services from a provider outside the United States. If you receive emergency or urgently needed services outside of the United States, the provider may require that you pay for the cost of the services in full. Ask for a written, detailed bill or receipt showing the specific services provided to you. Send a copy of the itemized bill or an itemized receipt to us to pay you back along with the Medical Reimbursement Request Form. You should be prepared to assist us in obtaining all of the information necessary to properly process your request for reimbursement, including medical records.

Mental, Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse

Behavioral Health: 1-800-453-8440, TTY 711

24-Hour Nurseline

Telephonic Nurse Support: 1-877-365-7949, TTY 711

Virtual Visits

See a doctor or a behavioral health specialist using your computer, tablet, or smartphone. With Virtual Visits, you’re able to live video chat from your computer, tablet, or smartphone — anytime, day or night. You will first need to register and then schedule an appointment. On your tablet or smartphone you can download the Doctor On Demand or Amwell apps.

Virtual Doctor Visits

You can ask questions, get a diagnosis, or even get medication prescribed and have it sent to your pharmacy. All you need is a strong internet connection. Virtual Doctor Visits are good for minor health concerns like:

  • Allergies, bronchitis, cold/cough
  • Migraines/headaches, sinus problems, stomachache
  • Bladder/urinary tract infections, rashes

Virtual Behavioral Health Visits

Virtual Behavioral Health Visits may be best for:

  • Initial evaluation
  • Medication management
  • Addiction
  • Depression
  • Trauma and loss
  • Stress or anxiety

You can find a list of participating virtual providers by signing in to your personal online account on the UnitedHealthcare Retiree page.

Care Outside the Service Area

Our service area includes the 50 United States, the District of Columbia, and all U.S. territories.

Major Health Systems

You have access to any provider who accepts Medicare assignment.

Full Service Areas

United States