It is important to keep your personal information up to date so that ETF can keep you informed of any updates or changes to your Wisconsin Retirement System benefits. Use these pages to update your information and notify ETF.

Change My Address

ETF sends you important information about your WRS benefits. Follow these steps to update your address.

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Change My Bank

Direct deposit is the most secure, reliable and convenient method of receiving benefit payments and is generally the only payment method used by ETF. Use these steps to update your information.

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Designate a Beneficiary

Make sure ETF knows who you want to receive your WRS assets upon your death by keeping your beneficiary designation up-to-date.

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My ETF Member ID

The ETF Member ID is a number that identifies you as a member of programs administered by the Department of Employee Trust Funds. Find out where to find this information.

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My Statement of Benefits

The Statement of Benefits is a summary of your WRS retirement account sent each year in mid-April. This is one of the most important documents you receive from ETF each year. Find out why you should keep this statement handy.

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Pay My Invoice

If you have received a benefit overpayment, you’ll need to pay the extra money back to ETF. The link below will take you to a US Bank website to make the payment. On your credit or bank statement, this payment will show up as “ETF E-Payment."

E-Payment Services

Reporting the Death of a WRS Member

Understand the steps to report a death and ETF’s process for paying benefits.

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Tax Withholding

Most retirement payments are subject to federal and state taxes. To avoid unexpected tax costs, have ETF withhold the right amount of money from your monthly benefit payment.

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