When it comes to your healthcare coverage, Quartz is helping you get the most from your plan. With access to a robust network of providers across the state, supportive, local customer service, and additional whole-health benefits — that's the Quartz difference.

Our key Quartz – UW Health Network provider partners include UW Health and UnityPoint Health – Meriter. By working together, our integrated approach to patient care looks out for you.

That's just the foundation of our provider network. Your care options also include local community-based care, regional specialty clinics, nationally ranked hospitals, trauma centers, and much more.

Explore the new benefits and get outstanding care with Quartz!

Select the Quartz – UW Health Network for primary care in Dane County (excluding the communities of Cambridge, Marshall, and Mazomanie).

What's New for 2024

Innovative and inclusive programs to help your mind, body, and well-being.

  • Quartz mental well-being programs with AbleTo make it easy for members to find the mental health support they deserve on their time. Members have access to digital self-care tools and the option for one-on-one coaching and therapy within five business days.
  • Quartz In-Control supports members diagnosed with high blood pressure and/or congestive heart failure. Quartz provides eligible members with tools and medical equipment to help them self-manage their condition.
  • Obesity and Type 2 diabetes reversal with Virta Health* can help members achieve lower body weight, lower A1c, and reduce prescription costs with decreased dependency on diabetes medication.
  • Healthy Beginnings and Healthy Futures* is a program that features Doula Services, which contracts with community doula agencies to offer prenatal and postpartum services for pregnant members to guide healthy maternal behavior and improve perinatal health outcomes.

*This is a pilot program and is available to eligible 2024 members on a trial basis and may be changed or discontinued in future years.

Provider Directory

  • Go to our State and Local Members page to access our provider directory and Find a Doctor search tool.
  • You can also go directly to our Find a Doctor page and select your network from the list to find a provider who best meets your needs.

If you'd like a complete printed provider directory, please call Customer Success at 844-644-3455, and we’ll mail you a copy.

Referrals, Authorizations, Out-of-Network

  • You'll never need referrals to receive care from in-network providers.
  • You may need approval ahead of time (prior authorization) for certain services, procedures, and out-of-network providers before you get care.
  • You'll receive written notice of our approval or denial. You can check the status of your request anytime at Quartz MyChart.
  • If you're ever unsure whether a service, test, or procedure requires prior authorization or a referral, please feel free to contact us for help. You may call 844-644-3455 before the appointment. To learn more and download forms, visit our Provider Prior Authorization Resources page.

Emergency and Urgent Care

If you need emergency or urgent care out-of-network, please seek care at the nearest medical facility. For serious, life-threatening situations, call 911 right away. Contact your primary care provider if you need help determining whether you should go to an emergency department or urgent care. Follow-up care will come from an in-network provider unless you receive our approval first.

Mental, Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse

Well-living isn't just about your body—Quartz is here to help support your mental health and emotional well-being. Our Behavioral Health Care Management team is here to help you understand treatment options and connect you to care if you have questions about coverage or need help figuring out where to start.

24-Hour Nurseline

Contact your primary care provider for after-hours or out-of-area care instructions.

Virtual Visits

When you're sick or injured, you want care right away. Take advantage of our Virtual Visits technology to access 24/7 on-demand care for any non-emergency needs. Virtual visits connect you to an expert healthcare provider via your smartphone, tablet, or computer webcam. Depending on the situation, your provider can offer a diagnosis, suggest follow-up care, and/or prescribe medication.

Major Health Systems

  • Access Community Health Centers
  • Associated Physicians, LLP
  • Madison Women's Health, LLP
  • Physicians for Women
  • UnityPoint Health – Meriter Hospital & Clinics
  • UW Health Hospitals & Clinics
  • Wildwood Family Clinic, SC

Full Service Areas

Dane County