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Group Health Insurance Program members: Well Wisconsin continues to be your go-to resource for well-being support. Learn more about building healthy habits or register for a Smart Goal Workshop on May 3 at noon. You can also call or chat online with a health coach, get assistance with managing your chronic condition, participate in an onsite biometric health screening, or request a self-collection kit to participate in a screening from the convenience of your home.

This is what a fellow Wisconsinite had to say:

“My coach helped me lose more weight than I planned. They held me accountable, but they were always kind and helpful, and the sessions were very convenient. I’m so glad I got the support I needed.”

Bonus: Complete your health assessment, health check, and well-being activity to earn your $150 prepaid card. New this year: You can choose to redeem your prepaid card virtually or continue to have it mailed to your home address!

Whatever you’re looking for, Well Wisconsin is here to help. Visit for more information, download the “Wellness at Your Side” app, and use the company code of “SOWI,” or call 800-821-6591 for assistance. 

It's Your Health: Diabetes

Do you have diabetes? Are you looking for support with managing your condition and lowering your diabetes-related prescription copays? All Group Health Insurance Program subscribers and spouses who are enrolled in a non-HDHP health plan can participate in WebMD’s diabetes management program through Well Wisconsin and reduce copays while they’re at it. Learn more.