Let your employees know about the upcoming incentive deadline of October 14! And consider scheduling an onsite flu vaccine clinic. 

Incentive Deadline Reminder

Ensure your employees know the October 14 deadline is fast approaching by sharing this new handout

Quick Ways to Complete a Well-being Activity

  • Well Wisconsin Radio: Listening to two episodes qualifies as the well-being activity toward the incentive. Each episode is unique and motivating to support a variety of health and well-being areas. 
  • Kindness at Work: Completing at least 21 days of kindness activities counts as a well-being activity. Promote the calendar to your employees.  

Request an Onsite Flu Vaccine Clinic Now

It’s not too late. Other options for your employees include visiting an in-network pharmacy or their doctor’s office.

Well Wisconsin is Available in Spanish

Participants can access the Well Wisconsin portal in English or Spanish. If other languages are needed, they can call WebMD at 1-800-821-6591 and request support.  


If you have questions about the Well Wisconsin program and how we can support your workplace wellness program, please reach out to Kristi Mulcahey at kmulcahey@webmd.net for assistance. 

If your employees have questions about accessing the portal, completing activities toward or the status of earning the incentive, or need assistance with interpretation services, please have them reach out to the WebMD customer service team at 1-800-821-6591.

Kindness Quote of the Month: “If you don't celebrate success it won't celebrate you.”  Julian Hall