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State of Wisconsin Group Health Insurance Program members: Well Wisconsin is here to support you with living your best life and feeling well along the way. Register now for a Feb. 16 event – or view online – at 12 noon at the Dept. of Health Services in downtown Madison, featuring Dr. Christine Whelan, UW-Madison researcher, author, and lecturer. Dr. Whelan will walk us through a “purpose roadmap” and discuss her research showing how a sense of purpose in life correlates with better health, better relationships, longer life -- and even more money in your pocket.  Not able to attend? A recording will be made available on the Well Wisconsin homepage after the event.

In addition, be sure to check out all the resources available to support you in staying true to your purpose and living well throughout all of 2023. Consider participating in health coaching, condition management, biometric screenings, wellness challenges and more. You’ll be rewarded with a $150 gift card while you’re at it. Learn more or call WebMD customer service at 1-800-821-6591.