Wisconsin Retirement System

109 min

Social Security

44 min

Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Program

56 min

“Your Steppingstones to Retirement,” was a free, educational webinar hosted by representatives from the Department of Employee Trust Funds, the Social Security Administration, and the Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Program. The 3-hour recorded webinar has been separated into 3 videos to watch at your leisure.

Learn how your Social Security, Wisconsin Retirement System pension, and WDC savings account bring you closer to a secure financial retirement.

Topics include:

Wisconsin Retirement System: eligibility and benefits; Core and Variable Trust Funds; annuity options; beneficiaries; and working in retirement

Social Security: eligibility for retirement benefits; how early retirement affects your benefits; qualifying for survivors and spouse benefits; when to file for Medicare

WDC Program: WDC basics including contribution limits; investment options; pre-tax vs. Roth contributions; rollovers; and retirement readiness reviews