5 minutes
Confused person trying to pick a health plan

Choosing a Plan Design

Not sure where to start when deciding on a health plan? This video will walk you through the first step: choosing a plan design. The video shows the key differences between your options and case studies show how different plan designs would affect a participant’s budget over 3 years.

2 minutes
Title slide of video with Open Enrollment text and health icons images.

ETF 2022 Open Enrollment Preview

The annual open enrollment period for plan year 2022 is September 27 through October 22, 2021. Watch this video to receive an overview of changes to health benefits this year that apply to all members.

3 minutes
Woman talking to doctor in office

Get Medical Care When You Need it Fast

Have you ever needed medical care and didn’t know where to turn? In this video you'll learn about your care options and the advantages of each, including which is easiest on the wallet.

5 minutes
Woman reviewing health benefits materials

Health Benefits in Retirement

A 3 video series describing what you need to know about your health benefits for state, UW and local participants.

5 minutes
Hand writing out a tip on how to save on prescriptions

Saving on Your Prescriptions

How much should you pay at the pharmacy counter? We’ll tell you what to expect and how you can save money.

7 minutes
Doctor and patient

Understanding Your Sick Leave Statement

Learn about the types of sick leave statement you may receive in the mail, what they mean, and estimate when your accumulated sick leave will end and when your annuity deduction will begin. This presentation is for state agency and University of Wisconsin retirees.