10 minutes
Retired couple biking.

5 Basic Steps to Your Retirement

Thinking about retiring in the next 12 months? We’ll walk you through the process. Watch this video at your leisure on demand 24/7.

8 minutes
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Additional Contributions

Looking to increase your WRS retirement? Learn how Additional Contributions can increase your WRS retirement benefit. Watch this video about the topic on demand 24/7.

19 minutes
Basic Investment Education title slide

Basic Investment Education

Get practical information to assist you in pursuing your investment goals. Learn some basic investment education that will help familiarize you with your options. A presentation by the Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Program.

11 minutes
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Beneficiary Designations

Learn what happens to your WRS account when you pass away, why it's important to designate a beneficiary and the importance of keeping your account up to date.

5 minutes
Confused person trying to pick a health plan

Choosing a Plan Design

Not sure where to start when deciding on a health plan? This video will walk you through the first step: choosing a plan design. The video shows the key differences between your options and case studies show how different plan designs would affect a participant’s budget over 3 years.

14 minutes
Retirees biking.

Choosing When to Retire

Did you know that when you retire you can change how much money you get in retirement? We'll also answer one of the most common questions we receive: "Should I retire in December or January?" Watch this video about the topic on demand 24/7.

20 minutes
Title slide of College Savings Made Simple with a young boy dressed in a suit and working.

College Savings Made Simple

Learn how the Wisconsin College Savings Program can help you cover the cost of future college expenses for your child, yourself, or grandchildren.