Before you begin your Benefits Mentor experience, you will need to register and verify your identity. Follow our instructions for helpful tips. 

Sign Up for Benefits Mentor 

  • Go to the IBM Benefits Mentor login page
  • Click the blue "Sign up!" link, which is located below the "Sign in" button
  • On the Sign up page, complete all required fields and then click the blue “Sign up” button 
    • User name – Used to sign in your account; record this user name somewhere safe

    • Email – Used for multi-factor authentication when logging in; you can use your preferred email address (work, personal, etc.)  

    • Password – Must be 15 characters and meet the specified requirements; if you forget your password, it can be reset on the login page  

  • You will see a registration confirmation message once your registration is complete

    • You will need to verify your email address for IBM prior to logging in

Verify Your Email Address 

  • Check your email for a message from IBM titled "Please Verify Your Email Address"

    • The send should be "" (or similar)

  • Open the message and and click the blue "Verify" button to confirm your email 

Access Your Account

  •  Go to the IBM Benefits Mentor login page and enter your user name and password
  •  You should receive a multi-factor authentication notification, indicating a verification code has been sent to your email address

    • Check your email – it can take a few minutes for the email to arrive
      • If you do not see an email, you can request a new code to be sent to you
    • Enter the 6-digit code provided within 15 minutes
      • You will need to enter a verification code every time you access Benefits Mentor
    • Click the blue “Continue” button
  • Review the End User License Agreement and click the blue "Accept" button at the bottom-right of the screen (first login only) 

Verify Your Details

  • Provide the requested personal information on the Member Delegate Access screen for Benefits Mentor to verify your identity and claims history, then click the blue "Login" button 
    • You will only need to provide this information once (during first login) in order for Benefits Mentor to match your claims history with your username 
      • Note: New hires, spouses of subscribers, non-GHIP members: Please enter this information, even though Benefits Mentor may not recognize you
    • This information cannot be viewed anywhere within the Benefits Mentor tool
  •  Provide your employment details using the dropdown menus and press the blue “Continue” button
    • This information can be changed as needed each time you login

Get Started

  • You can now begin your Benefits Mentor experience