The Invitational Challenge, Well Wisconsin Radio podcast and Kindness at Work resources are now available for employers participating in the Group Health Insurance Program. Please share with your employees between now and the end of April to ensure they’re up to date with all that Well Wisconsin has to offer.

Invitational Challenge

Encourage your employees to get moving this spring with the Invitational challenge. In this challenge, teams compete against each other for the most steps or minutes of exercise. Registration opens April 13. Use this handout to promote the challenge.

Well Wisconsin Radio: Nutrition and Immune System

Well Wisconsin Radio is back in 2022 and better than ever-podcasting! Listen to the latest episode where host Morgan Meinen talks with Dr. Beth Olson, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist in the Nutritional Sciences Department at UW-Madison, about the link between nutrition and the immune system. Tune in for some good food for thought.

Please share the new Well Wisconsin Radio webpage with your employees by adding it to your intranet pages or sharing the Well Wisconsin Radio handout.

Employees can subscribe through Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Google Podcasts to be notified when new episodes are posted.

Kindness at Work Reminder: Caring for the Environment

For the month of April, Random Acts of Kindness encourages everyone to focus on caring for the environment. They say, “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children. Many of us are familiar with this proverb, but what meaning do each of us give to it? The easiest way for each of us to live within this “motto” is to think of those who will come after us and intentionally choose not to make a mess in any of our environments. If it is possible, we should make any area we can better for those who follow in our footsteps. This concept can be applied to our natural environments, as well as our school, work, and home environments, along with any area we spend time where others will eventually follow.”

Employees who participate in at least 21 kindness, self-compassion or well-being activities from the calendar can complete a short survey to receive an employer-sponsored activity code to count toward their well-being activity incentive credit. Share the Kindness at Work handout and/or print out and distribute these Kindness Cards to spread kindness.


If you have questions about the Well Wisconsin program and how we can support your workplace wellness program, please reach out to Morgan Meinen at or 779-770-8443 for assistance. 

If your employees have questions about accessing the portal, completing activities toward or the status of earning the incentive, or need assistance with interpretation services, please have them reach out to the WebMD customer service team at 1-800-821-6591.

Kindness Quote of the Month: “Be gentle with the Earth.” – Dalai Lama