WEA Trust announced on June 1, 2022, that they will no longer offer health insurance after this year. All current WEA Trust network areas and offerings will no longer be available to members as of January 1, 2023. 

The Department of Employee Trust Funds is currently reviewing the impact of this announcement to the Group Health Insurance Program. This change affects approximately 55,000 members in the following state and local plan options:

  • Access Plan
  • IYC Medicare Plus
  • WEA Trust – East
  • WEA Trust West – Chippewa Valley
  • WEA Trust – Mayo Clinic 

Members with WEA Trust will continue to have health insurance coverage through December 31, 2022. This is not a special enrollment opportunity. Members will need to select a new health plan during this fall’s annual open enrollment period (September 26 to October 21, 2022).

ETF will provide additional details about this transition when they are available.

Next Steps

  • June – July: ETF will meet with the Group Insurance Board (Board), other contracted health plans, and key stakeholders to develop new and/or alternative coverage options for plan year 2023.
  • August 17: The Board will review and approve health plan contracts, service areas, and premiums for plan year 2023
    • ETF will announce the outcomes of this meeting on the ETF website and via ETF E-mail Updates.
  • September – October: Open enrollment materials and outreach activities will focus on the WEA Trust transition, including:
    • Health plan options and information about how to enroll in the decision guides and ETF website.
    • Webinar offerings for current WEA Trust members.
    • Written communications from WEA Trust about their departure from the Group Health Insurance Program.